Rau Aroha

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This Pounamu pendant, named Rau Aroha, offers a glimpse into the heart of New Zealand’s artistic heritage. Carved from pipiwharauroa pounamu, this 6cm free-form piece captures attention with its subtle interplay with light. Rau Aroha translates to ‘leaf of love,’ … Continued


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Crafted from the rich, dark green stone native to New Zealand, this Pounamu pendant takes the shape of the Ruru, New Zealand’s native owl. The carving, with its smooth, curved lines, mirrors the Ruru’s natural silhouette. The pendant’s colour is … Continued

Ngākau Aroha

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The Ngākau Aroha set encapsulates the essence of affection and connection that is deeply rooted in the New Zealand Māori culture. From a single piece of kawa kawa Pounamu sourced from the Arahura River, these taonga – a three-centimeter heart … Continued

Taonga Rua

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Carving, at its core, is an intimate act of transformation and storytelling. A recent visitor to our workshop brought in two unique stones she had unearthed while fossicking. These stones, carrying the whispers of the land, have now been shaped … Continued

Huia Feather

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The huia, a now-extinct bird that was native to New Zealand, is remembered for its striking plumage and distinctive tail feathers. In Maori culture, the huia feather is a symbol of nobility, worn traditionally by high-ranking individuals. It is a … Continued

Huia Feather

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The artistic realm of Pounamu carving has long been an avenue for translating nature’s marvels into tangible keepsakes. One such creation, now gracing this collection is the exquisitely carved 11cm Huia feather pendant. This piece is not only a nod … Continued

Tohu Aroha

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In the heart of Aotearoa, amidst the ancient landscapes and whispered stories of ancestors, this precious pounamu was born from the rugged terrain. Originally from the same piece of Marsden Flower jade, they hold within them a profound tale of … Continued

Lotus Flower

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At the heart of each piece of artwork lies a story, a significant element that breathes life and meaning into it. One such piece is a stunningly beautiful and deeply symbolic pounamu pendant, carefully carved to embody the purity of … Continued

Tapatoru – Breastplate

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I’m absolutely stoked to unveil this creation, the Triangle Breast Plate Pounamu. I’ve spent a lot of time carving this beauty out of deep green Kawa Kawa Pounamu and stringing it together with white cord using the ring bolt lashing … Continued