Whāriki o te Maunga

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This is a very special set, made during the unexpected and tragic passing of a great man, son, father, and partner. We are forever connected to those close to us that pass, they are always with us. Having pounamu taonga … Continued

Ngā Taonga Tūhono

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In the embrace of the West Coast’s wild beauty, the Arahura River carves its way through the land, nurturing the Kawa Kawa Pounamu with its pure waters. It is here we find Ngā Taonga Tūhono, “Treasures that Connect”, a set … Continued

Te Hononga Manawa

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“Te Hononga Manawa”, our Heart Connection Set, where these Kawakawa Pounamu Toki carved tells a story of unity that binds the hearts of whānau. This unique set, embodying a parent and child’s lifelong bond, is a testament to the enduring … Continued

Ngākau Aroha

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The Ngākau Aroha set encapsulates the essence of affection and connection that is deeply rooted in the New Zealand Māori culture. From a single piece of kawa kawa Pounamu sourced from the Arahura River, these taonga – a three-centimeter heart … Continued

Taonga Rua

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Carving, at its core, is an intimate act of transformation and storytelling. A recent visitor to our workshop brought in two unique stones she had unearthed while fossicking. These stones, carrying the whispers of the land, have now been shaped … Continued

Toki and Earrings

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Creating a meaningful connection with the essence of Aotearoa through art and taonga is a journey well represented by this exquisite set of Pounamu toki and earrings. Each piece holds a story, a spirit, and a cultural significance that transcends … Continued

Whānau Tūhono

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In the hands of a carver, Pounamu is transformed into more than just an adornment; it becomes a narrative etched in stone, a tangible representation of family bonds and shared stories. This narrative is told through the ‘Whānau Tūhono’ set, … Continued

Rangatira Kura

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In the heart of Aotearoa, amidst the lush landscapes of Te Wai Pounamu – the South Island, a remarkable stone whispers the stories of the land. Pounamu, New Zealand’s treasured greenstone, has found its form in a stunning set of … Continued

Arohanui – Much Love

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This set of koru pendants, named ‘Arohanui,’ captures a son’s love for his mother. Each koru, from the same piece of hapopo pounamu, signifies their life-long bond. The koru represents new beginnings, peace, and personal growth. This set, when joined, … Continued

Te Hononga Pūmau

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This pair of Pounamu pendants, named Te Hononga Pūmau, is a tribute to family and shared paths. They’re each 7cm, a toki for strength, a roimata for comfort, carved from the same stone. This isn’t just about wearing art. It’s … Continued