Transform your story into a treasured heirloom with a custom pounamu commission. Whether you wish to honor a loved one, celebrate a milestone, or capture a personal symbol, I’ll collaborate with you to design a unique pounamu piece that reflects your vision. Let your pounamu commission tell a story that will resonate for generations to come.

If you are interested in a commission then get in touch.

A Pounamu Commission typically take a 5 step process:

  1. Initial consultation
  2. Quotation
  3. Deposit & carving
  4. Involvement during carving
  5. Completion & delivery

1. Initial Consultation:

We’ll start with a no-obligation quote. During our initial discussion, we’ll delve into the meaning and intention behind your taonga or set of taonga. We’ll work together on the design and select the perfect piece of Pounamu, also considering any specific timeframes you might have.

2. Quotation:

After our discussion, I’ll provide a quote. You can then decide whether to proceed or not, with no pressure either way.

3. Deposit and Carving:

A 50% deposit is standard, though there’s room for negotiation if needed. Once the deposit is settled, I’ll begin the carving process.

4. Involvement During Carving:

Throughout the carving process, I may get in touch, especially if you’ve expressed interest in being involved. This collaboration can extend the timeline, so it’s something to consider if time is a factor. However, I genuinely enjoy sharing the carving journey with those who’ve commissioned the pieces.

5. Completion and Delivery:

Upon completion, I’ll send you photos of the finished piece to ensure you’re satisfied with the result. The taonga can then be picked up or posted to you after the final payment is made.

This process is designed to be collaborative and flexible, ensuring the final piece is a true reflection of your vision and intention.

Ready to begin your pounamu commission journey?

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