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Campbell Carving evokes feelings of deep spiritual connection through Treasuring Legacy. This is a space where meanignful stories are carved with character and quality from Pounamu found deep from within our own land. My designs are organic, where asymmetyr is a hidden story emerging. I want everybody to find meaning and purpose through handcrafted Taonga

Campbell Carving: Where Tradition Meets Nature

My name is Campbell Potter, and my carvings honor my Te Ati Awa heritage and the beauty of the natural world, especially rivers and water. I aim to reveal the unique character hidden within each stone.

My work often has a twist – it’s inspired by tradition but with a touch of the unexpected. I’m drawn to patterned stones where different materials create striking contrasts.


Discover the Story of Pounamu, New Zealand’s Treasured Stone

Did you know pounamu, jade, and greenstone are all the same thing? This beautiful stone, called nephrite by geologists, has a fascinating origin story. It forms deep beneath the Southern Alps, where intense heat and pressure fuse different rocks together. The unique green colour comes from traces of iron and chromium.

Pounamu, Jade, Greenstone? What is the difference?

The Spiritual Power of Taonga Pounamu

More Than Meets the Eye

Pounamu isn’t just a beautiful stone. It absorbs energy – oils, waxes, and even the emotions and intentions of those around it. This shapes its wairua, its spirit.

The Power of Water

Water holds deep meaning for pounamu, as it’s often found near rivers and streams. You can use water in blessings and prayers to cleanse negative energy or to mark special occasions, like when gifting pounamu. These blessings don’t need to be in Māori; what matters is that your words and beliefs carry your intentions.

Does Pounamu have to be gifted?

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