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  • Akaroa Toki – Basalt


    This hand-carved Akaroa basalt toki exudes strength and mana. Its angled cutting edge and substantial weight embody traditional Māori craftsmanship.

    Size: 6cm

    Discover the full story of this piece.

  • Amber Quartz Pendant


    Naturally shaped amber quartz beach pebble pendant, 55mm long. Canterbury, NZ origin with creamy whites, yellows, and black highlights. Black ringbolt lashing and 3 braid plait.

    See the finding, carving, and polishing on this video on youtube (1:14 min)

  • Aotea Pounamu


    Discover a rare and precious treasure from New Zealand with this stunning tumbled Aotea pounamu pendant. This unique pendant showcases the gemstone’s natural beauty, with its captivating swirling turquoise hues and smooth finish. Wear it close to your heart and connect with the vibrant energy of New Zealand and its indigenous Maori culture.

  • Beach Jasper Roimata


    Discover a treasure with this Kaitorete Spit jasper roimata pendant. Hand-carved from a unique beach gem, it measures 4cm and features a black spiral lashing. Embrace its natural beauty and the roimata’s symbolism of healing and resilience.

  • Douglas Creek Toki


    Hand-carved from Douglas Creek Pounamu, this 4.5cm Toki pendant features swirling greens and white streaks. It symbolizes strength and resilience, making it perfect for personal empowerment or as a meaningful gift.


  • Gold and Green Toki


    Unearth the beauty of nature with this 7cm toki pendant. Hand-carved from a Hokitika serpentine cobble, it showcases stunning green hues with gold highlights. The black lashing adds a touch of sophistication. Toki symbolize strength, resourcefulness, and connection to the earth – wear it with pride.

  • Huia Feather


    The huia, a now-extinct bird that was native to New Zealand, is remembered for its striking plumage and distinctive tail feathers. In Maori culture, the huia feather is a symbol of nobility, worn traditionally by high-ranking individuals. It is a physical representation of leadership and mana (prestige). Capturing this significance, an 11cm black jade carving of a huia feather has been meticulously crafted, echoing the connection between the spiritual and the earthly realms.

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  • Inanga Raukaraka Roimata


    This one-of-a-kind pounamu pendant features captivating inanga green with vibrant orange raukaraka markings, characteristic of stones from the Arahura River. The black spiral lashing adds a touch of elegance. Carved with care, it connects you to the beauty of Aotearoa.

  • Kahurangi o te Manu


    This Pipiwharauroa Inanga Pounamu takes the form of the ‘Kahurangi o te Manu’, an 8cm Roimata pendant that is as much a piece of jewelry as it is a narrative of Aotearoa’s soul. This treasured adornment mirrors the beauty and resilience of the land, offering a wearable connection to the tales of skies, seas, and the enduring spirit of New Zealand.

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  • Manawaroa – Perseverance


    This captivating rectangle pendant is a beautiful example of pounamu carving. The translucent green stone is imbued with deep meaning and modern elegance. The rectangle form symbolizes solidity, consistency, and discipline.

    • Material: Translucent green kawakawa pounamu with black streaks
    • Size: 4cm x 3cm
    • Meaning: Solidity, consistency, discipline
    • Lashing: Black lashing for secure wear

  • Mauri Toki


    This toki is carved from captivating pīpīwharauroa inanga pounamu, a type of pounamu known for its chatoyant shimmer. Measuring 8cm long and 12mm thick, it features a thick angled base. The toki is a powerful symbol of strength, determination, and prosperity, while the pīpīwharauroa signifies new beginnings and growth.

  • Mere – Patu


    Discover this Patu Pendant, a 33mm handcrafted treasure made from pounamu. Though small, it embodies the powerful symbolism of the patu, a tool of strength and protection. As the whakataukī says, “Ahakoa he iti he pounamu” – “Although it is small, it is precious.”

  • Mossy Toki


    Embrace the beauty of nature with this toki pendant. Hand-carved from Douglas Creek serpentine, it features a captivating mix of whites, greens, and dark accents, resembling a mossy surface. At 6 cm long, this toki is a symbol of growth, renewal, and connection to the earth.

  • Ngā Taonga Tuku Iho – Douglas Creek Pounamu Set


    Elevate your connection to Aotearoa with this Ngā Taonga Tuku Iho Pounamu Set. Hand-carved from Douglas Creek Pounamu, this toki and roimata pairing, measuring 8-9 cm, symbolizes unity and strength. Link for the full story.

  • Pakohe Breastplate


    This elegant “Manawa Riri” pendant is hand-carved from beautiful light grey pakohe (argillite), a stone prized by Māori for its strength and connection to tradition. Its simple, contemporary design honors the stone’s natural beauty while echoing the forms of treasured ancestral tools. A unique and meaningful piece of wearable art.

    Size 6cm high, 6cm wide.

    Material: Pakohe/Argilitte

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  • Pikorua Pendant – Pathways Converging


    This beautiful pikorua pendant is carved from deep green kawakawa pounamu with some kokopu coloring. Measuring 6cm long, it represents the coming together of life’s pathways and the importance of direction and ambition.