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This toki is carved from captivating pīpīwharauroa inanga pounamu, a type of pounamu known for its chatoyant shimmer. Measuring 8cm long and 12mm thick, it features a thick angled base. The toki is a powerful symbol of strength, determination, and prosperity, while the pīpīwharauroa signifies new beginnings and growth.

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The toki is a treasured taonga (treasure) in Maori culture, symbolizing strength, determination, and prosperity. This toki  is crafted from pīpīwharauroa inanga pounamu, a captivating variety of pounamu named for the shimmering effect that resembles the movement of a shining cuckoo (pīpīwharauroa).

The toki’s shape is reminiscent of an adze, a tool traditionally used for woodworking and warfare. It serves as a reminder of the wearer’s potential to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. The pīpīwharauroa, known for its bright call in the spring, signifies new beginnings and growth.

Size: 8cm

Material: Inanga Pounamu/Nephrite

Carver: Campbell Potter

This toki pendant measures 8cm long and 12mm thick, with a thick angled base, and is a powerful piece that can be worn as a reminder of your inner strength, to bring prosperity into your life, and to embrace new beginnings.