Beach Jasper Roimata


Discover a treasure with this Kaitorete Spit jasper roimata pendant. Hand-carved from a unique beach gem, it measures 4cm and features a black spiral lashing. Embrace its natural beauty and the roimata’s symbolism of healing and resilience.

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Embrace the beauty of Aotearoa with this captivating 4cm roimata pendant, hand-carved from a unique beach jasper I found on the shores of Kaitorete Spit, near Taumutu.

Nature’s Masterpiece:

This jasper is a true treasure, boasting a mesmerizing interplay of colors.. The natural variations within the stone make each pendant one-of-a-kind, a testament to the artistry of nature.

The Enduring Symbol of the Roimata:

The teardrop shape (roimata) is steeped in Māori culture, symbolizing healing, resilience, and the natural flow of life’s emotions. Wearing this roimata is a way to acknowledge and embrace those emotions, finding strength and beauty even in the midst of tears.

A Piece of Kaitorete Spit:

Owning this pendant is a chance to connect with the land and history of Aotearoa. It’s a reminder of the wild beauty of Kaitorete Spit and the unique treasures that can be found there.

More than just a pendant, this roimata is a conversation starter, a symbol of resilience, and a piece of New Zealand to wear close to your heart.

Size: 40mm

Material: Beach Jasper