Pikorua Pendant – Pathways Converging


This beautiful pikorua pendant is carved from deep green kawakawa pounamu with some kokopu coloring. Measuring 6cm long, it represents the coming together of life’s pathways and the importance of direction and ambition.

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The pikorua is a powerful symbol in Maori culture, representing the convergence of life’s journeys. This stunning pikorua pendant is carved from beautiful kawakawa pounamu, a deep green stone with some inclusions of kokopu, a rarer light green variety named after the appearance of the native trout. The twisting curves of the pikorua symbolize the intertwining of our lives paths, while the pointed end represents direction and ambition. This pendant is a perfect taonga (treasure) to wear as a reminder of your own life’s journey and the strength you possess to keep moving forward.

Size: 6cm

Material: Pounamu/Nephrite

Carver: Campbell Potter