Wairua Roimata


Unearthed on the shores of Hokitika, this striking 11cm pounamu roimata pendant embodies the spirit of Aotearoa. Mottled light and dark greens create an earthy palette, while the criss-crossing spirals add a touch of artistry. Roimata symbolize healing, resilience, and the enduring flow of life.

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This captivating 11cm pounamu roimata pendant is a statement piece unearthed from the beaches of Hokitika. Carved from a serpentine cobble, the stone displays a mesmerizing interplay of light and dark greens, reminiscent of the rich, earthy tones of the New Zealand landscape. The black spiraling motu lashing adds a touch of sophistication and allows for comfortable wear.

Size: 110mm

Material: Pounamu/Serpentine

For Maori, roimata (tears) symbolize healing, resilience, and the natural flow of life’s emotions. Wearing this pounamu roimata pendant is a way to acknowledge and embrace those emotions, finding strength and beauty even in the midst of tears.

A Wearable Treasure

At 11cm, this roimata pendant is a substantial piece, a true conversation starter. It’s a perfect choice for those who appreciate bold style and cultural significance. Owning this taonga (treasure) is a chance to connect with the land and heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand, carrying a piece of its wild beauty close to your heart.