Amber Quartz Pendant


Naturally shaped amber quartz beach pebble pendant, 55mm long. Canterbury, NZ origin with creamy whites, yellows, and black highlights. Black ringbolt lashing and 3 braid plait.

See the finding, carving, and polishing on this video on youtube (1:14 min)

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This one-of-a-kind pendant features a beautiful amber quartz beach pebble, hand-sourced from the shores of Kaitorete Spit in Canterbury, New Zealand. The pebble’s natural creamy whites, yellows, and black highlights are captivating, and its smooth, polished surface is a testament to the power of the ocean. We’ve carefully set the pebble in a black ringbolt lashing and added a 3 braid plait for a touch of nautical flair. This pendant is a perfect way to connect with the natural beauty of New Zealand and add a touch of organic elegance to any outfit.

Size: 6cm

Material: Amber Quartzite