Wairua Kapua


The vibrant stories and legends of New Zealand’s Māori culture are intricately intertwined with symbols and traditions. Among these, the treasures crafted from pounamu stand out, radiating both beauty and cultural significance. Today, we introduce the “Wairua Kapua” – a pendant carved from the delicate hues of Inanga pounamu. The name “Wairua Kapua,” which translates to “spiritual shadow” or “spiritual reflection of one’s emotions,” aptly captures the essence of this exquisite piece. In this post, we will delve deeper into the beauty of the “Wairua Kapua” pendant and explore the traditions and symbolism behind it.

The pendant in focus is a roimata shape carved from the delicate hues of Inanga pounamu. Its sleek and elongated tear-drop form boasts a smooth, polished finish, allowing the subtle variations of the jade’s color to shine through. The pendant’s lustrous surface contrasts beautifully with its lashing, which is intricately woven from a natural-hued cord. This lashing isn’t merely functional; it adds an organic texture that complements the pendant’s smoothness, adding a touch of rustic charm.

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Roimata translates to “teardrop” in the Maori language, and its shape carries deep symbolic weight. Often considered a token of comfort and healing, the roimata pendant is believed to assist in emotional clarity and strength. It represents the flow of positive energy, empathy, and compassion. When given as a gift, it conveys a deep sense of empathy and understanding, offering solace during challenging times.

Pounamu, often referred to as New Zealand jade or greenstone, is more than just a gemstone in Maori culture. It’s a taonga (treasure) that holds spiritual significance. Believed to be a gift from the gods, pounamu is cherished for its strength, durability, and beauty. Different varieties of pounamu have distinct colors and patterns, with Inanga being one of them. Characterized by its lovely pale green shade, reminiscent of the native inanga (whitebait), it is especially prized for jewelry and ornaments.

This Inanga Pounamu Roimata pendant is not just a piece of jewelry; it’s a narrative of history, tradition, and spiritual significance. It embodies the Maori culture’s reverence for nature, emotions, and craftsmanship. Owning or gifting such a pendant isn’t just acquiring a beautiful artifact; it’s an embrace of a legacy that has thrived for centuries and will continue to inspire for generations to come.