Kahurangi o te Manu


Welcome to the serene artistry of Pounamu carving, where the celestial allure of Pipiwharauroa Inanga Pounamu takes the form of the ‘Kahurangi o te Manu’, an 8cm Roimata pendant that is as much a piece of jewelry as it is a narrative of Aotearoa’s soul. This treasured adornment mirrors the delicate beauty and resilience of the land, offering a wearable connection to the tales of skies, seas, and the enduring spirit of New Zealand.

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The Pipiwharauroa, known for its distinctive shimmering plumage and its role as a harbinger of change, is reflected in the Pounamu’s varied shades of green and translucent whispers of color. The Pipiwharauroa Inanga Pounamu, with its gentle, pale green essence, carries the quiet strength and resilience of the bird that soars with the winds of change. You can clearly see the namesake of this type of pounamu that actually shimmers in the light like the plummage of the pipiwharauro bird. The Roimata, or ‘teardrop’, is an emblem of comfort and healing. It represents the shared tears of joy and sorrow, creating a connection between the wearer and the narratives of the land, sky, and sea. Pounamu, the treasured greenstone of Aotearoa, is more than a mere stone; it is a taonga, a sacred treasure that carries with it the stories and spirits of the land. Each piece, with its hues and patterns, tells a unique tale of the earth’s history and the artisan’s hand that brought it to light.

The Roimata pendant made from Pipiwharauroa Inanga Pounamu is not just an ornament; it is a guardian, a storyteller, and a companion. It is a piece of New Zealand’s heart, offered to the world, whispering the ancient songs of the Pipiwharauroa through its shimmering bands.