Aotea Pounamu


Discover a rare and precious treasure from New Zealand with this stunning tumbled Aotea pounamu pendant. This unique pendant showcases the gemstone’s natural beauty, with its captivating swirling turquoise hues and smooth finish. Wear it close to your heart and connect with the vibrant energy of New Zealand and its indigenous Maori culture.

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Aotea pounamu is a rare and precious gemstone found only in a small valley in South Westland, New Zealand. It is a mixture of kyanite, fuchsite and quartz, which gives it a unique turquoise appearance with bands of iridescence. Aotea pounamu is considered to be a taonga, or treasure, by the Maori people of New Zealand. This stunning tumbled Aotea pounamu pendant is a beautiful example of the gemstone’s natural beauty. The smooth finish of the pendant makes it comfortable to wear, and the swirling turquoise hues are sure to catch the eye. Aotea pounamu is believed to have a number of spiritual properties, including the ability to promote peace, harmony, and protection. Whether you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry or a special gift, this Aotea pounamu pendant is sure to be treasured for generations to come.

Size: 35mm

Material: Pounamu/Aotea