Toki Tū


Embrace strength and heritage with “Toki Tū,” a powerful translucent Hapopo Pounamu toki pendant from Campbell Carving. Symbolizing courage and resilience in Te Reo Māori, this handcrafted toki embodies the spirit of Aotearoa’s ancestors and their connection to the land.

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“Toki Tū,” meaning “strength” in Te Reo Māori, is a powerful translucent Hapopo Pounamu toki pendant meticulously crafted by Campbell Carving. This statement piece embodies the spirit of Aotearoa’s ancestors, showcasing the rich history and symbolism of the toki, an essential tool in pre-colonization Māori life that represents strength, authority, and connection to the land.

Size: 85mm

Material: Pounamu/Nephrite

Location: South Westland

Carver: Campbell Potter

Measuring 85mm, this handcrafted pendant is made from vibrant Hapopo Pounamu, a translucent greenstone that seems to glow from within. Its smooth, polished surface, elegant curves, and intricate details showcase the skill and artistry of the carver, while its size makes a bold statement while remaining surprisingly wearable.

Delve into the creation process of “Toki Tū” through our accompanying YouTube video, gaining insights into the artistry and cultural significance behind this taonga. Whether you’re drawn to its bold design, the rich history it represents, or the empowering meaning of its name, “Toki Tū” is a wearable reminder of strength, resilience, and the enduring spirit of Aotearoa.

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