Classic Toki Set

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Large and small toki, a really cool pounamu with interesting designs in it. This set is for some of my whanau. The large one is for one of my uncles, who is turning 50 this year. The smaller one is … Continued

Sibling Set

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This a beautiful set that was made for some very good friends of mine. They have a very lucky young boy and girl that will now have this pair of taonga pounamu to wear and connect them.


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This is a set to connect a tuakana and teina or mentor and mentee. Gorgeous choice of Pounamu with the colour gradient. A kuru is an emotional symbol that represents deep connection often with other people and definitely in this … Continued

Nga Tui

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This is my second set of these Tui. Great examples of pounamu pendants. I love the way they nestle into each other when back to back.

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