Ngā Taonga Tūhono

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In the embrace of the West Coast’s wild beauty, the Arahura River carves its way through the land, nurturing the Kawa Kawa Pounamu with its pure waters. It is here we find Ngā Taonga Tūhono, “Treasures that Connect”, a set of pendants that embodies the convergence of Māori and Gaelic kaupapa within its carved forms.

Amongst the green hues and the polished surfaces lies a set of three pendants: a 10 cm toki (adze), adorned with the Gaelic Alphabet representing the letters F, O, C, and S, a symbol of strength and courage; a roimata (teardrop), the embodiment of comfort and healing; and a smaller toki, signifying craftsmanship and determination. All three like siblings, born from the same slice of Pounamu from the sacred Arahura River, the heartland of Pounamu.

Crafted with care, these pendants are more than mere jewelry; they are taonga, treasures that carry with them the wairua (spirit) of the land. They hold the whispers of the Arahura River, the touch of the carver’s hands, and the stories of the lives they will become part of.

The largest toki in this set is particularly eye-catching. Its size commands attention, while the Gaelic engravings whisper tales of distant lands, marrying the cultural significance of New Zealand’s native stone with that of the Scottish highlands. Such a piece doesn’t merely adorn the neck; it serves as a connection to heritage and a talisman of one’s personal journey.

The roimata and smaller toki, while more modest in size, carry no less mana. The roimata’s shape is known to draw upon the wearer’s inner strength, providing comfort during times of sorrow or stress. It’s a touchstone for the spirit, a reminder that the emotions we carry are universal, flowing and changing like the river itself.

In conclusion, these pendants are a celebration of heritage and craftsmanship. The fusion of Pounamu and Gaelic engravings creates a narrative that transcends borders, speaking to the shared history and interconnectedness of cultures.