Te Hononga Manawa

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“Te Hononga Manawa”, our Heart Connection Set, where these Kawakawa Pounamu Toki carved tells a story of unity that binds the hearts of whānau. This unique set, embodying a parent and child’s lifelong bond, is a testament to the enduring ties that Pounamu can represent. Crafted from the same stone, these Toki pendants are a celebration of the sacred connection shared across generations, captured in the form of New Zealand’s treasured pounamu.

This set features two Toki pendants: one larger, representing the guiding strength and wisdom of a parent, and the smaller, signifying the growing journey of a child. The Toki, or adze, is a symbol of power, authority, and mana passed down through generations. The incorporation of the Koru designs—spirals that represent growth, harmony, and new beginnings—merges seamlessly into a heart shape, the Manawa, which signifies the life force and emotional heart.

Carved from the same stone, these Toki pendants are inherently connected, a metaphor for the unbreakable link between parent and child. The Kawakawa Pounamu, known for its rich hue and translucent quality, comes from the South Island of New Zealand, a land imbued with mystique and ancestral power. Each pendant carries within it the memory of the water and land, the whakapapa (genealogy) of the stone itself, creating a lineage that mirrors the family bond.

In wearing these pendants, the wearers are not only adorned with the physical beauty of Pounamu but are also enveloped in the shared story of their origin, their past, and their journey forward together. This set of Kawakawa Pounamu Toki is a perfect embodiment of love and unity, making it an ideal gift that symbolizes the connection and shared identity between a parent and their child.