Awa Atua

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The Toki pendant, named ‘Awa Atua’, draws its inspiration from the divine rivers that carve through Aotearoa, shaping the land with their relentless flow and nurturing spirit. This name, translating to ‘divine river’, beautifully encapsulates the essence of this piece—the continuous journey of life and the spiritual connection we share with nature.

This Toki is carved from the rare Pipiwharauroa chatoyant Pounamu, known for its captivating shimmer that comes to life under the light. This phenomenon, akin to the lustre of the bird’s feathers it is named after, adds a dynamic quality to the stone. The pendant is substantial, measuring 8cm in length, promising a profound presence as a piece of wearable art or a taonga—treasured possession.

At the heart of the pendant, we observe a delicately carved wave—a homage to the powerful forces of nature that shape our environment and our character. This wave is not just a visual element; it is a narrative of resilience, fluidity, and the rhythmic patterns of life.

The Toki, or adze, holds significant cultural value in Māori tradition. Historically, it was a tool used for carving wood and shaping waka (canoes), essential for survival and daily life. As a piece of jewelry, it signifies strength, control, and determination. It is also believed to bring about growth, provide protection, and clear obstacles on a person’s spiritual path.

The use of Pipiwharauroa Pounamu is particularly special. This type of greenstone, named after the shining cuckoo, is as mystical as it is beautiful, with its chatoyance offering a visual reminder of the ever-changing nature of our skies and seas.

This Toki pendant, with its wave motif carved from Pipiwharauroa chatoyant Pounamu, is more than an accessory. It’s a carrier of history, a symbol of personal strength, and a piece that resonates with the heartbeat of Aotearoa. Whether worn, held, it serves as a connection to the land, the ancestors, and the stories that are the lifeblood of Aotearoas rich heritage.