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Te Oranga Hou

Have you ever held a piece of pounamu and felt a connection to the land and history of Aotearoa (New Zealand)? These taonga (treasured possessions) hold stories waiting to be told, and today I’m excited to share two special pieces I carved: a toki and a roimata, both crafted from the same beautiful raukaraka pounamu, a stone whispering tales of Te Oranga Hou (New Beginnings).

Raukaraka pounamu, with its combination of pale green and pops of yellow-orange, is a variety prized for its unique colors that many see as symbolizing Te Oranga Hou. These vibrant hues resemble the fresh shoots of spring pushing through earth, a perfect match for toki and roimata pendants that carry powerful messages of new beginnings and growth.

The toki, shaped like an adze, is more than just a tool. In the hands of our ancestors, it was used for carving, building, and warfare. Today, toki pendants represent strength, determination, and the resourcefulness needed to forge Te Oranga Hou. The black lashing adds a touch of elegance and completes the piece.

The roimata, with its elegant curved shape, is a powerful symbol of change and the possibilities that come with Te Oranga Hou. Its form can resemble a droplet of water, symbolizing the fluidity and adaptability necessary for new beginnings. It represents a fresh start, cleansing the past and bringing forth a sense of renewal. The contrast of the pale green pounamu with the black lashing creates a beautiful and evocative piece, a reminder of the transformative power of Te Oranga Hou.

These toki and roimata pendants, each measuring 9 centimeters long, are not just beautiful adornments; they’re windows into the rich cultural heritage of Aotearoa, each imbued with the spirit of Te Oranga Hou. Imagine wearing a piece that whispers stories of strength, growth, and the enduring connection between people and the land.

Considering getting your own pounamu toki or roimata to embrace your own Te Oranga Hou? Feel free to reach out and discuss what kind of story you’d like your taonga to tell.

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