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  • Kōhatu Whenua


    Jewelry often tells a story, not just of the one who wears it, but also of its origin and making. This story is even richer when the jewelry is named, giving it an identity that resonates with its essence. Such is the case with “Kōhatu Whenua”, which in Māori translates to “Land’s Stone”. From a serene Canterbury beach in New Zealand, the Kōhatu Whenua set emerges – both carved from a single Greywacke stone, each possessing a unique charm and significance that taps into the heart of Aotearoa’s heritage. The name beautifully encapsulates the deep-rooted connection these pendants have with the land they originate from.

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  • Ngā Taonga Tuku Iho – Douglas Creek Pounamu Set


    Elevate your connection to Aotearoa with this Ngā Taonga Tuku Iho Pounamu Set. Hand-carved from Douglas Creek Pounamu, this toki and roimata pairing, measuring 8-9 cm, symbolizes unity and strength. Link for the full story.

  • Roimata 6cm – Bright Green


    This pounamu is bright green, very similar to the kahurangi type of Pounamu that is very hard to find. It is slender tear drop shape, curved end, that feels light and delicate.

    Wearing a Roimata or Tear Drop shaped, also called kuru,  pounamu pendant is about comfort and caring for people. It represents shared emotions, compassion, empathy, confidence, solidarity, reassurance.

    It is a symbol that connects with emotions and the heart.

    Roimata were traditionally worn as an earring. They were symbols of high status and reputation.

  • Te Oranga Hou – Toki and Roimata


    Te Oranga Hou Pounamu Set: Embrace new beginnings with this stunning handcrafted toki and roimata set carved from vibrant raukaraka pounamu. A symbol of strength, growth, and connection to Aotearoa (New Zealand).

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  • Wairua Kapua


    The vibrant stories and legends of New Zealand’s Māori culture are intricately intertwined with symbols and traditions. Among these, the treasures crafted from pounamu stand out, radiating both beauty and cultural significance. Today, we introduce the “Wairua Kapua” – a pendant carved from the delicate hues of Inanga pounamu. The name “Wairua Kapua,” which translates to “spiritual shadow” or “spiritual reflection of one’s emotions,” aptly captures the essence of this exquisite piece. In this post, we will delve deeper into the beauty of the “Wairua Kapua” pendant and explore the traditions and symbolism behind it.

    The pendant in focus is a roimata shape carved from the delicate hues of Inanga pounamu. Its sleek and elongated tear-drop form boasts a smooth, polished finish, allowing the subtle variations of the jade’s color to shine through. The pendant’s lustrous surface contrasts beautifully with its lashing, which is intricately woven from a natural-hued cord. This lashing isn’t merely functional; it adds an organic texture that complements the pendant’s smoothness, adding a touch of rustic charm.