Toki Raranga Weaving

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This is a combination of a toki form with a pattern to represent the weaving or raranga of harakeke/flax. Raranga can represent many things. It represents a variety of facets being woven together to create something more than the individual … Continued

Moana Whanau

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This toki is made from the rare and beautiful Marsden Flower Jade, or Putiputi. The notches in the side are for his two children. The wave is to represent the deep connection with Te Moana – The Ocean he has, … Continued

Mana Wahine Pikorua

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This taonga is for a 21st, it is to connect as well as represent important values. The Pikorua or Twist is a symbol of interconnectedness. This is the sister piece to her brothers who received his on his 21st birthday … Continued

Broken Pounamu Repair

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This gorgeous taonga had an unfortunate accident. First off this was not my original carving. It appeared to have a twist at the top. There are a variety of thoughts on what it means when a pounmau breaks or is … Continued