Sibling and Twins Set

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This set is made for my special niece and nephews. I was asked to make a matching set for my twin niece and nephew for their first birthday.  The flower type design is an important symbol for the family.

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It is all made from a beautiful translucent bright green pounamu.  The flowing lines are what I love to carve, making curves that seem to fold into each other is the most satisfying part of carving pounmau for me.

The two drops are designed to fit together top and tail style and then they complete the pattern of the flower.  Just like when they were in the womb.

The original idea was just to create the set for the twins.  I couldn’t do that and leave out their older brother who just turned 4.  So I decided to make an extra pendant for him and give them a surprise.


So these were all given to my nephews and niece last week and their Mum sent me back photos and said I could post them.  They are so awesome, it makes me happy to be doing this stuff when you see the people wearing my work.

Hey, look what I got (I can read her mind)

So reflective I love the above photo.

She also took some awesome artistic shots, might have to get her to do some more they came out awesome too.  I think this is now my favourite page on my website.      And here is here original design concept, that I adapted for the final version.





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