Pointed Pikorua


One of the most enchanting gifts that the land of Aotearoa (New Zealand) has offered to the world is the Pounamu stone. Often referred to as ‘greenstone’ or New Zealand jade, it’s much more than a simple mineral. It is a symbol of status, power, and prestige. And when carved with precision and passion, as showcased in the exquisite Pounamu Pikorua pendant here, it takes on a deeper meaning and significance.

The Pikorua, or the twist design, holds special significance in Māori symbolism. It represents the paths of life and love, showcasing the journey of two individuals, who sometimes move away from each other, yet always come back together. Their paths may be different, but their destinies are intertwined, signifying an eternal bond of friendship and loyalty that lasts beyond a lifetime.

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Pounamu, with its rich, verdant hues, is not just a stone but a connection to the very heart of New Zealand. Traditionally, the Māori people regard it as a talisman, a treasure (‘taonga’), that embodies the very spirit and essence of the nation. Whether worn close to the heart or displayed proudly, pounamu pieces reflect a bond with the land and its ancestral heritage.

The significance of pounamu goes beyond its aesthetic appeal. For centuries, it has been used in tools, weapons, and ornaments, revealing its versatility and durability. Its rarity and the intricacies involved in carving it further enhance its value, making every piece unique and deeply personal.

In embracing the Pounamu Pikorua pendant, one is not just wearing a piece of jewelry but a narrative, a story of Aotearoa and its people, and the eternal bonds that tie us all. It serves as a reminder of the journeys we undertake, the friendships we forge, and the eternal connections that transcend time and distance. In its elegance and profundity, the Pounamu Pikorua pendant is not just an ornament but a legacy of love, loyalty, and lineage.