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  • 65mm Toki


    Discover the timeless allure of the toki, a symbol deeply rooted in Māori heritage. Our latest 65mm Pounamu pendant embodies the strength and artistry of this traditional tool.

    The toki, or adze, is not just a tool but a representation of skill and craftsmanship. Historically used for carving wood, it is a fitting emblem for those who shape and create, whether it be through art, leadership, or thought.

  • 7cm Totoweka Toki


    Crafted from Kawakawa Totoweka Pounamu, this 7cm pendant stands out with its vibrant green hue, marbled with streaks that tell a unique geological story. The Kawakawa variety is known for its rich color and is highly sought after for its beauty and rarity. The Totoweka descriptor indicates the presence of red spots or streaks, reminiscent of the blood of the Totoweka bird, adding to the rarity and special character of this piece.

    This Kawakawa Totoweka Pounamu toki is not only a remarkable piece of wearable art; it is a bearer of tradition and a testament to the enduring legacy of Pounamu in Maori culture. For the wearer, it offers a tangible connection to the values and history of New Zealand’s indigenous people. It reminds us that in every carved line, there is a story, and in every piece of Pounamu, there is life.

    To own a piece like this is to carry with you a fragment of Aotearoa’s heart — a connection to the land, the people, and the myriad stories that are held within the embrace of its greenstone.

  • Akaroa Basalt Toki


    This hand-carved Akaroa basalt toki honors Māori tradition and the volcanic origins of its stone. Its unique form showcases the weathered outer skin of the basalt, adding depth and character.

    Size: 6cm

    Cord: Tan 4 braid.

    Learn the full story on our blog and own this distinctive piece.

  • Akaroa Toki – Basalt


    This hand-carved Akaroa basalt toki exudes strength and mana. Its angled cutting edge and substantial weight embody traditional Māori craftsmanship.

    Size: 6cm

    Discover the full story of this piece.

  • Flower Pounamu Toki


    This exquisite hand-carved pounamu toki pendant measures 3.5cm high and features vibrant green stone with delicate white and orange flower patterns.

    This toki pendant is a powerful talisman, reminding the wearer of the values it represents. It’s a symbol of resilience, perseverance, and a celebration of Maori heritage.

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  • Kawakawa Pounamu Toki


    This captivating 3cm pounamu toki pendant, crafted from kawakawa pounamu (greenstone), features a black lashing and embodies the Maori symbol of strength, determination, and resourcefulness.

  • Kōhatu Whenua


    Jewelry often tells a story, not just of the one who wears it, but also of its origin and making. This story is even richer when the jewelry is named, giving it an identity that resonates with its essence. Such is the case with “Kōhatu Whenua”, which in Māori translates to “Land’s Stone”. From a serene Canterbury beach in New Zealand, the Kōhatu Whenua set emerges – both carved from a single Greywacke stone, each possessing a unique charm and significance that taps into the heart of Aotearoa’s heritage. The name beautifully encapsulates the deep-rooted connection these pendants have with the land they originate from.

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  • Mauri Toki


    The Mauri is a unique pounamu toki pendant, carved from pale to mid green inanga pounamu. Its dimensions of 8cm in length and 12mm in thickness create a solid and substantial piece. Enhanced by pipiwharauroa shimmer, Mauri invites a tangible connection with the holder.

  • Ngā Taonga Tuku Iho – Douglas Creek Pounamu Set


    Elevate your connection to Aotearoa with this Ngā Taonga Tuku Iho Pounamu Set. Hand-carved from Douglas Creek Pounamu, this toki and roimata pairing, measuring 8-9 cm, symbolizes unity and strength. Link for the full story.

  • Raukaraka Wide Toki


    This is a gorgeous 6cm example of some unique colours of the pounamu we find in Aotearoa. Raukaraka pounamu has greens mixed with oranges and yellows, to give it a very distinctive look.

    The Hei Toki is a traditional Maori symbol that represents strength, courage, and determination. The toki, or adze, was traditionally used by Maori as a tool for carving and shaping wood, bone, and stone. In Maori culture, the Hei Toki is a treasured item that is passed down through generations and is often worn as a statement of personal identity and connection to one’s heritage. It is also believed to have spiritual significance, with the adze shape symbolizing the ability to cut through obstacles and reach one’s goals.

  • Te Oranga Hou – Toki and Roimata


    Te Oranga Hou Pounamu Set: Embrace new beginnings with this stunning handcrafted toki and roimata set carved from vibrant raukaraka pounamu. A symbol of strength, growth, and connection to Aotearoa (New Zealand).

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  • Toki Kaha


    Toki Kaha, meaning “Adze of Strength” in Maori, is a pounamu toki pendant crafted from sacred greenstone. It symbolizes resilience, strength, and connection to the land.

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