New Year, New Challenges, Whanau Set

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This is a special set and made for a special reason.
It was commissioned by the mother of the family to provide connection and comfort for each other in a time of hardship. Pounamu is a great way to provide this, as each piece here is made from the same piece of pounamu and has been sitting side by side for a very long time since its formation deep under the earth and only just now have they been separated.
This is the piece of pounamu just after the first cuts had been made and you can see how the pieces were sitting before.
The hardship this family is facing is cancer, the big toki is for the father who started treatment on the 31st of December 2018. It was this occasion that this set was made for. To strengthen the bond between the family. The perfect use for something special like pounamu.
It was a privilege to be a small part of their journey and keep the secret of this gift with the mother as we worked together to create this set of taonga for her family. Really special commission for me.

This is a set that will hold significance for this family for a long time I am sure.