5cm Toki

In the world of Pounamu carvings, each piece holds a narrative, a breath of the land it came from, and the hands that shaped it. Today, we explore a toki with a discreetly crafted hole for the necklace, a testament to both innovation and tradition.

The toki, or adze, is a symbol of strength, control, and determination. Traditionally used as a tool, the toki shape in pendants is a nod to craftsmanship and labor. It’s believed to bring courage and fortitude to the wearer, aiding in leadership and authority. The hidden hole in this toki is a modern adaptation, allowing the Pounamu to hang seamlessly, symbolizing the unseen strength that lies within.

Pounamu, also known as greenstone or New Zealand jade, is more than just a stone; it is a taonga, a treasure, deeply valued by Māori for its beauty, spiritual significance, and the mana it carries. This particular Pounamu toki, with its varied hues of green and textured surface, mirrors the diverse landscapes of Aotearoa.

Each Pounamu piece is a journey – from the rugged West Coast rivers of the South Island where the stone is sourced, through the careful hands of the carver, to the final creation that you see. This toki is not just a piece of jewelry; it’s a wearable piece of New Zealand, carrying the soul of the land and the essence of resilience.

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