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  • Pakohe Breastplate


    This elegant “Manawa Riri” pendant is hand-carved from beautiful light grey pakohe (argillite), a stone prized by Māori for its strength and connection to tradition. Its simple, contemporary design honors the stone’s natural beauty while echoing the forms of treasured ancestral tools. A unique and meaningful piece of wearable art.

    Size 6cm high, 6cm wide.

    Material: Pakohe/Argilitte

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  • Pointed Pikorua


    One of the most enchanting gifts that the land of Aotearoa (New Zealand) has offered to the world is the Pounamu stone. Often referred to as ‘greenstone’ or New Zealand jade, it’s much more than a simple mineral. It is a symbol of status, power, and prestige. And when carved with precision and passion, as showcased in the exquisite Pounamu Pikorua pendant here, it takes on a deeper meaning and significance.

    The Pikorua, or the twist design, holds special significance in Māori symbolism. It represents the paths of life and love, showcasing the journey of two individuals, who sometimes move away from each other, yet always come back together. Their paths may be different, but their destinies are intertwined, signifying an eternal bond of friendship and loyalty that lasts beyond a lifetime.

  • Rau Aroha


    This Pounamu pendant, named Rau Aroha, offers a glimpse into the heart of New Zealand’s artistic heritage. Carved from pipiwharauroa pounamu, this 6cm free-form piece captures attention with its subtle interplay with light.

    Rau Aroha translates to ‘leaf of love,’ mirroring the pendant’s natural silhouette and the warm intentions behind its creation and gifting. Unlike more geometric carvings, its free-form design stands for a personal journey, unique and uncharted.

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  • Raukaraka Wide Toki


    This is a gorgeous 6cm example of some unique colours of the pounamu we find in Aotearoa. Raukaraka pounamu has greens mixed with oranges and yellows, to give it a very distinctive look.

    The Hei Toki is a traditional Maori symbol that represents strength, courage, and determination. The toki, or adze, was traditionally used by Maori as a tool for carving and shaping wood, bone, and stone. In Maori culture, the Hei Toki is a treasured item that is passed down through generations and is often worn as a statement of personal identity and connection to one’s heritage. It is also believed to have spiritual significance, with the adze shape symbolizing the ability to cut through obstacles and reach one’s goals.

  • Roimata 6cm – Bright Green


    This pounamu is bright green, very similar to the kahurangi type of Pounamu that is very hard to find. It is slender tear drop shape, curved end, that feels light and delicate.

    Wearing a Roimata or Tear Drop shaped, also called kuru,  pounamu pendant is about comfort and caring for people. It represents shared emotions, compassion, empathy, confidence, solidarity, reassurance.

    It is a symbol that connects with emotions and the heart.

    Roimata were traditionally worn as an earring. They were symbols of high status and reputation.

  • Serpentine Cross


    This exquisite 5cm hand-carved serpentine cross pendant features a mesmerizing mix of green and black hues with a smooth, polished finish. A beautiful and meaningful addition to any jewelry collection.

  • Te Oranga Hou – Toki and Roimata


    Te Oranga Hou Pounamu Set: Embrace new beginnings with this stunning handcrafted toki and roimata set carved from vibrant raukaraka pounamu. A symbol of strength, growth, and connection to Aotearoa (New Zealand).

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  • Toki Kaha


    Toki Kaha, meaning “Adze of Strength” in Maori, is a pounamu toki pendant crafted from sacred greenstone. It symbolizes resilience, strength, and connection to the land.

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  • Totoweka Tapatoru


    This tapatoru is hand-carved from totoweka, a rare type of pounamu known for its captivating reddish-brown hues. Its classic triangular shape honors Māori tradition, creating a meaningful and timeless adornment.

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  • Tumbled Hanging Earrings – Pounamu


    Handcrafted from locally-sourced offcuts, each earring is a true taonga, showcasing the natural beauty of Aotearoa’s greenstone. Embrace the uniqueness of these earrings, as no two pairs are alike, making them a distinct expression of New Zealand craftsmanship and style. All are genuine New Zealand Jade, Pounamu.

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  • Tumbled Pendants – Pounamu – Small


    Explore our Tumbled Pounamu Pendants, made from genuine New Zealand Pounamu. These pendants are a symbol of Maori heritage and make a meaningful addition to any outfit or gift.

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  • Tumbled Stud Earrings – Pounamu


    Get your hands on some Pounamu Stud Earrings, a true slice of New Zealand. Made from the offcuts of larger carvings, these earrings are all about giving every bit of pounamu its moment to shine. They’re unmatched, just like us Kiwis, showcasing the natural beauty and uniqueness of our land. Ideal for anyone who’s proud of our heritage and values a touch of distinctiveness.

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  • Wairua Kapua


    The vibrant stories and legends of New Zealand’s Māori culture are intricately intertwined with symbols and traditions. Among these, the treasures crafted from pounamu stand out, radiating both beauty and cultural significance. Today, we introduce the “Wairua Kapua” – a pendant carved from the delicate hues of Inanga pounamu. The name “Wairua Kapua,” which translates to “spiritual shadow” or “spiritual reflection of one’s emotions,” aptly captures the essence of this exquisite piece. In this post, we will delve deeper into the beauty of the “Wairua Kapua” pendant and explore the traditions and symbolism behind it.

    The pendant in focus is a roimata shape carved from the delicate hues of Inanga pounamu. Its sleek and elongated tear-drop form boasts a smooth, polished finish, allowing the subtle variations of the jade’s color to shine through. The pendant’s lustrous surface contrasts beautifully with its lashing, which is intricately woven from a natural-hued cord. This lashing isn’t merely functional; it adds an organic texture that complements the pendant’s smoothness, adding a touch of rustic charm.