Whakaora Toki


Discover the Whakaora Toki, an 8cm Inanga Pounamu Toki featuring a sterling silver corner. This unique piece symbolizes resilience, healing, and the beauty of transformation. Perfect for those who appreciate the deeper meaning of growth and renewal in their journey.

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Whakaora Toki, a remarkable piece that embodies the essence of resilience, healing, and transformation. Crafted from Inanga Pounamu, this 8cm Toki features a stunning sterling silver corner, turning a perceived flaw into a focal point of beauty and strength.

The name “Whakaora” is a Māori word that means “to heal, save, or revive,” perfectly capturing the journey of this unique taonga. This piece serves as a powerful metaphor for our lives, reminding us that our visible and invisible scars provide opportunities for growth and renewal. Just like the Whakaora Toki, we can emerge from our challenges more robust and refined, with our ‘broken’ parts adding to our unique value.

Whether you wear it as a personal reminder of your own journey or gift it to someone special, the Whakaora Toki is a beautiful testament to the power of healing and transformation. Embrace the journey and let this piece inspire you to see the beauty in every mark and scar.

Size: 80mm

Material: Pounamu/Nephrite

Carver: Campbell Potter

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