Kōhatu Whenua


Jewelry often tells a story, not just of the one who wears it, but also of its origin and making. This story is even richer when the jewelry is named, giving it an identity that resonates with its essence. Such is the case with “Kōhatu Whenua”, which in Māori translates to “Land’s Stone”. From a serene Canterbury beach in New Zealand, the Kōhatu Whenua set emerges – both carved from a single Greywacke stone, each possessing a unique charm and significance that taps into the heart of Aotearoa’s heritage. The name beautifully encapsulates the deep-rooted connection these pendants have with the land they originate from.

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Greywacke is not just a stone; it’s the cornerstone of New Zealand. Found virtually everywhere in the country, it is the geological signature of Aotearoa. Having taonga (treasure) made from Greywacke is akin to carrying a piece of the homeland wherever you go. It acts as a grounding force, connecting the wearer to the rich lands, seas, and history of Aotearoa.

From the shores of Canterbury beach, these Greywacke pendants – the toki and roimata – are more than mere adornments. They are a testament to the rich cultural and geological significance of New Zealand. Carving them from a single pebble symbolizes unity, while the choice of Greywacke strengthens one’s bond to the homeland. Wear them not just as jewelry, but as reminders of the stories, traditions, and lands of Aotearoa.

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