65mm Toki


Discover the timeless allure of the toki, a symbol deeply rooted in Māori heritage. Our latest 65mm Pounamu pendant embodies the strength and artistry of this traditional tool.

The toki, or adze, is not just a tool but a representation of skill and craftsmanship. Historically used for carving wood, it is a fitting emblem for those who shape and create, whether it be through art, leadership, or thought.

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Pounamu, known also as greenstone or New Zealand jade, carries a spiritual significance in Māori culture. Each piece of Pounamu is unique, with its own character and story, making this pendant a personal treasure. The stone’s variations of green and occasional touches of milky translucence reflect New Zealand’s diverse landscapes.

Wearing this toki pendant is not just a statement of style; it’s an embrace of the wisdom of the past and a connection to the earth. It’s a piece of New Zealand’s soul, crafted with care and meant to be cherished for generations.