Tumbled Stud Earrings – Pounamu


Get your hands on some Pounamu Stud Earrings, a true slice of New Zealand. Made from the offcuts of larger carvings, these earrings are all about giving every bit of pounamu its moment to shine. They’re unmatched, just like us Kiwis, showcasing the natural beauty and uniqueness of our land. Ideal for anyone who’s proud of our heritage and values a touch of distinctiveness.

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My Pounamu Stud Earrings are more than just jewelry; they’re a piece of Aotearoa you can wear. Starting their life as offcuts from bigger carvings, I make sure not a single piece of pounamu goes to waste. It’s my way of respecting this special stone and doing mybit for the environment.

The tumbling process these earrings go through is pretty much like what happens in our rivers, smoothing and polishing the pounamu until it’s just right. This brings out the stunning green shades and unique textures that make each pair one-of-a-kind.

What sets these Pounamu Stud Earrings apart is their unmatched pairings, reflecting the diverse beauty of our country. It’s a nod to our individual stories and the landscapes we call home. Wearing a pair means carrying a piece of New Zealand with you, celebrating our culture, sustainability, and the uniqueness of our land.

Choosing these earrings means you’re not just picking out a new accessory. You’re embracing something that stands for beauty, sustainability, and our rich heritage. They’re perfect for anyone looking to add a meaningful and distinctive piece to their collection or as a gift that tells a story of connection to Aotearoa.

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