Akaroa Basalt Toki


This hand-carved Akaroa basalt toki honors Māori tradition and the volcanic origins of its stone. Its unique form showcases the weathered outer skin of the basalt, adding depth and character.

Size: 6cm

Cord: Tan 4 braid.

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Akaroa Basalt Toki: A Symbol of Resilience and Connection

This stunning toki is meticulously carved from Akaroa basalt, a volcanic stone prized for its strength and beauty. Its traditional form honors Māori craftsmanship, while the inclusion of the stone’s weathered outer skin adds a unique element, showcasing the contrast between the raw and the polished.

Feel the Connection to History

The basalt’s origins in the Banks Peninsula’s ancient volcanic eruptions create a tangible connection to the land. Hold this toki and imagine the generations of Māori who relied on this enduring stone for tools and survival.

A Wearable Testament to Tradition

This Akaroa basalt toki pendant is more than adornment – it’s a symbol of resilience, Māori heritage, and the natural wonders of New Zealand. Wear it with pride and carry a piece of Aotearoa close to your heart.

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