7cm Totoweka Toki


Crafted from Kawakawa Totoweka Pounamu, this 7cm pendant stands out with its vibrant green hue, marbled with streaks that tell a unique geological story. The Kawakawa variety is known for its rich color and is highly sought after for its beauty and rarity. The Totoweka descriptor indicates the presence of red spots or streaks, reminiscent of the blood of the Totoweka bird, adding to the rarity and special character of this piece.

This Kawakawa Totoweka Pounamu toki is not only a remarkable piece of wearable art; it is a bearer of tradition and a testament to the enduring legacy of Pounamu in Maori culture. For the wearer, it offers a tangible connection to the values and history of New Zealand’s indigenous people. It reminds us that in every carved line, there is a story, and in every piece of Pounamu, there is life.

To own a piece like this is to carry with you a fragment of Aotearoa’s heart — a connection to the land, the people, and the myriad stories that are held within the embrace of its greenstone.

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The toki, or adze, is a traditional Maori tool that once played a vital role in the daily life of Maori communities. Carved from the revered greenstone, the toki now serves as a pendant, offering not only a visual connection to the past but also a symbolic representation of power, wisdom, and authority.

The toki pendant is steeped in history. Traditionally used for carving and shaping wood, the toki shape represents the craftsmanship and skill of the carver. As a pendant, it symbolizes strength, control, and determination. It is worn by those who seek to embody these qualities or by those who wish to honor the artistry that the toki signifies.