Tutorial videos on how to use braid to lash, bind, and tie necklaces for pounamu pendants. They are for simple holes, toki, matau, koru, and others. Pounamu is also called Jade, Greenstone, Nephrite, Serpentine. There is plaiting, adjustable knots, whippings, live action, and tips and tricks.

How I Bind a Pounamu Hei Toki

This is my way of tying a lashing or binding for a Maori Hei Toki. This is a pendant made of Pounamu, Greenstone, or Jade, all are the same thing. I use 1mm waxed polyester braid for all of this.

How to tie a no hole Maori Hei Toki lashing knot.

This is how I tie the lashing for my pounamu Hei Toki. I like that the lashing is functional and does not rely on a hole to suspend the necklace cord through, this also keep the actual toki intact which I feel adds mana or strength. It can be used for pendants of pounamu, greenstone, jade (which are all the same thing), bone, or other stone.

How to tie a whipping knot for a greenstone pendant

This is how I do a whipping not when tieing the necklace and other lashings and bindings for my pounamu pendants. I use it mostly to start lashings, and to tie the knot to make the necklace adjustable.

How I do a Koru Lashing

This is a lashing that would fit on any carving with a bar, like on this koru, or an open koru too. It is similar to the ring bolt lashing I have used before also. I use this for my pounamu jade pendants binding.

How to Lash a Pounamu Koru or Bar

This is one of the ways I lash or bind my pounamu and jade koru. It can be used on any pendant with the similiar shaped part for lashing, even open ended koru are fine as the friction will keep it in place.

How I Tie a Ringbolt Lashing

Tutorial - How to do a ringbolt lashing on a pendant. This is a pounamu pendant, pounamu from Fiordland, Hapopo type I have heard it called.

How to tie a Maori fish hook, snood lashing.

This is currently how I tie the lashing for my hei matau. This one is of a pounamu whales tail, the knot can be used for many styles of fish hook.

No Hole Snood Lashing for Fish Hook

This is how I worked out the best way to lash or bind a fish hook or hei matau carving. I use Jade or Pounamu for mine. It has no hole which I like as the binding is functional then and does not weaken the attachment with a hole. The hei matau has many different ways to do a lashing on it, this is the best I could work out that I was confident would not come undone or unravel.

How to tie a toggle and loop necklace.

This is the way I ties the knots to replace a cord necklace that has a toggle and loop to fasten it.

How I Make or Replace a Necklace Cord for a Pounamu Pendant

There are many ways to make a neck cord for a pendant whether is be pounamu, jade, bone, metal, plastic, gold, silver etc. This is what I do. This method is strong and durable, and adjustable.

I use 1mm waxed polyester braid from Caudwells.co.nz, the brand I use is Zircon.

How I Make a 3 Strand Plait Braid for Necklace Cords

I currently use this for all my pounamu pendants I put a necklace cord on.

How to Tie a Maori Kuru Tear Drop Pendant Lashing Binding

This is how I tie the lashing or binding for my maori pounamu pendants that I carve. The carvings that I use this for are kuru, tear drop, and some hei matau or fish hook shapes.

How to tie an adjustable sliding knot for a cord necklace.

This is how I tie all my necklaces for my nz jade, greenstone, pounamu pendants. I use two whippings to tie the adjustable knot the second is the tricky one. It is a good low profile technique for connecting two ends of a necklace with an adjustable knot.