All tutorials on different aspects of carving pounamu. Things I have found that work for me along my journey into learning about stone carving in New Zealand. It includes tools and how I made them, what my workshop looks like, water system, polishing, sanding, and identifying fractures. If there is anything else that could be created to add to this playlist then let me know.

How To Carve Jade And Pounamu For Beginners

This is the story of my journey, the tools and techniques I started with when I was teaching myself to carve (I'm still learning now too). It is a video I wish I had when I was starting out to have a bit of direction when I had no idea. It doesn't have all the answers and I can't say that these are the best ways to do it either, it is what I did and what I have learnt. I hope you find something useful here that will work for you.


Types of Pounamu (Live)

A show and tell of types of Pounamu I have in my collection currently and talk about identifying types according to Maori descriptions. I'm not an expert so will share what I know and what I have learned from my carving journey. See Below for Chapters.

Jade and Pounamu Carving Workshop and Tools

Here is a quick tour of my pounamu carving workshop in 2019, and some of the tools I have been using to carve.

Sanding Tool Marks From Pounamu or Jade

This is where I am at on my journey of carving. I have learned about these different tools and techniques for sanding and smoothing out the tool marks from the hand tool. I use diamond paper, silicon wet and dry sand paper, diamond sanding blocks, and diamond burrs in graduated grits.

How To Make a Table Trim Saw For Jade

This is my DIY version of a trim saw that I use for cutting pounamu and jade. It works off an electric motor. Pretty rough but effective and I have cut some pretty big pieces on it.

How To Make a Point Carver For Jade

DIY point carver. I'm not an expert but here is the basic elements of how I built my point carver for carving pounamu.

Identifying Fractures in Pounamu

Here is my take on finding fractures and weaknesses in jade and pounamu. Good for when your buying or looking to cut some up. I'm still learning and I would have liked to have the small amount I have learned now when I was beginning so I will share for others in that place now. I'm not a master just sharing my journey.

How I Do a Final Polish on a Pounamu Toki

This is the way I am currently doing my final polish on the jade I am carving. I use it on toki, kuru, and other carvings. I sand and smooth the pounamu first with wet and dry sand paper up to 400 grit.

My Water System for Jade Pounamu Carving

This is a walk through of how i have my water set up for carving pounamu or jade pendants and jewelry. This is the set up and workshop I had in 2018.

Tour of my Pounamu Carving Workshop

This is the space that I have built to use for carving, currently as of 2017. Simple and effective. I always am interested in the mysteries of crafting and what it takes to make special taonga and items. I am learning a lot about carving New Zealand Jade, Pounamu and here is a small insight into the space I spend most of my carving time.