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  • Huia Feather


    The huia, a now-extinct bird that was native to New Zealand, is remembered for its striking plumage and distinctive tail feathers. In Maori culture, the huia feather is a symbol of nobility, worn traditionally by high-ranking individuals. It is a physical representation of leadership and mana (prestige). Capturing this significance, an 11cm black jade carving of a huia feather has been meticulously crafted, echoing the connection between the spiritual and the earthly realms.

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  • Kawakawa Pounamu Cross


    Hand-carved kawakawa pounamu cross pendant, measuring 4cm. A beautiful and meaningful symbol of faith, crafted from New Zealand’s treasured greenstone. Discover the captivating beauty of pounamu and the power of this timeless symbol.

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  • Manawaroa – Perseverance


    This captivating rectangle pendant is a beautiful example of pounamu carving. The translucent green stone is imbued with deep meaning and modern elegance. The rectangle form symbolizes solidity, consistency, and discipline.

    • Material: Translucent green kawakawa pounamu with black streaks
    • Size: 4cm x 3cm
    • Meaning: Solidity, consistency, discipline
    • Lashing: Black lashing for secure wear

  • Pakohe Breastplate


    This elegant “Manawa Riri” pendant is hand-carved from beautiful light grey pakohe (argillite), a stone prized by Māori for its strength and connection to tradition. Its simple, contemporary design honors the stone’s natural beauty while echoing the forms of treasured ancestral tools. A unique and meaningful piece of wearable art.

    Size 6cm high, 6cm wide.

    Material: Pakohe/Argilitte

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  • Totoweka Tapatoru


    This tapatoru is hand-carved from totoweka, a rare type of pounamu known for its captivating reddish-brown hues. Its classic triangular shape honors Māori tradition, creating a meaningful and timeless adornment.

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