Koru - Spiral

The Koru has two aspects, it represents new beginnings, growth, movement, change, and being open. It can also represent protecting, connection with others, nurturing, and when interlocked with other Koru it represents loving relationships and family/whanau.

The Koru is a shape found in much of nature. The significant place for me is in the fern frond. It is the shape the frond first takes as it emerges from the center of the plant surrounded by the mature fronds and nestled amongst other young fronds. As it grows it slowly unfurls itself as it fully matures. You can see this in the images below of the Silver Fern, which is called the Koru.

Porohita - Circle

The circle is a symbol of the journey of life. It represents discovery, choices, and centers the wearer in the present while acknowledging the past and the future.

It also a shape that represents the cyclical nature of many aspects of life such as health, relationships, gardening, seasons, growth, energy, wilderness.

It can be used to represent being centered, present, and focused especially when relating to people.

Hei Toki

The Toki was a originally a tool used by Maori. The pounamu was painstakingly shaped into heavy and robust forms and could be either lashed to a handle or held in the hand. They were used for cutting down trees, carving out canoes/waka, or carving designs into meeting houses/marae.

A finer version with a more delicate Toki lashed to an elaborately carved handle were reserved for powerful cheifs/rangatira. These were used for ceremonial purposes, they are called 'Toki Poutangata'.

The modern Hei Toki, worn around the neck as a pendant, represents foremost strength, authority, and leadership. It is can also a symbol of power, courage, wisdom, determination, self-control, and focus.

Roimata - Tear Drop

Wearing a Roimata or Tear Drop shaped, also called kuru,  pounamu pendant is about comfort and caring for people. It represents shared emotions, compassion, empathy, confidence, solidarity, reassurance.

It is a symbol that connects with emotions and the heart.

Roimata were traditionally worn as an earring. They were symbols of high status and reputation.

Hei Matau

The stylised fish hook has strong connection with the ocean. It represents abundance and prosperity particularly in the realm of providing protection when travelling, even more so when travelling over water.

It is a design that has deep respect of the ocean and also conveys symbolism of strength, determination, good luck, fertility, good health, and peace.

Niho - Tooth

Often associated with whale or shark. This symbol can come in many forms.  Traditionally is represents, leadership, resilience, strength, as well as peace and tranquility. Actual teeth from whales or sharks are used as taonga and were used as adornment and jewelry as well as in weapon making.