Here are a collection of my favorite stories in no particular order. These are the stories of pounamu that has a purpose beyond what we can see and feel. For me these are stunning examples of why I carve. To make these stories, kaupapa, meaning, and messages tangible so that people can express these things that are important to them.

Mana Whanau Tahi

This is a special set commissioned for a son on his 21st originally as just a toki. Mana is power, Whanau is family, and Tahi is one or unity in this case. The name of the set means powerful and strong family connection.

Aroha Roimata

Aroha Roimata celebrates a woman's 50th year. Carved from Kawakawa pounamu, the pendant, featuring unique korus and a symbolic twist, represents her journey as a mother, healer, and teacher. It is more than jewellery; it's a testament to familial love and unity

Kaitiaki o Whanau

“I am after a set that tells a story of each of us carrying one another throughout our journey, healing and new beginnings, and although our family is split into two at the moment the piece’s will spiritually connect us as one, no matter where we are.”


To me this set is everything that whanau should be. It is connection. It is values. It is tangible representation of the loving bond that a cohesive whanau has.

Niho Kotahitanga

Horoeka Haemata - Rolleston College has its first cohort of learners graduating this year. I have the privilege of making a set of pounamu for the 5 Head Students that make up the student leadership team from this year.

Pikorua Toki Set

The idea was to create a set for a man and his wife that were interconnected. He really wanted two pieces with toki and pikorua as the symbols. Having the pikorua symbol flow between them as well as having the pieces made from the same pounamu will forever link these two special taonga.

Family - Whanaungatanga

This was a special commission from a family friend. It is made for a couple that are celebrating a significant milestone in their lives. The pounamu is sourced from the Kaniere area near Hokitika. The Koru is a special symbol that was chosen to represent the members of this family.

Mana Haerenga

Life is a journey and this is what this pounamu is to represent.


This is an amazing design, it feels good in the hands, and looks good with its curves. I really like it. It has really good kaupapa with it too, all about connecting whanau


A big and beautiful set for a big and beautiful kaupapa.

Te Waenga - The Spaces Between

This set was a privilege to work on and create. The design and significance that went into this piece was deep and meaningful. I called this set Te Waenga as it fully represents the deep significance of the space between people and a strong yet invisible connection can be nurtured here. This set represents this space.


When I was first contacted about making this, the kaupapa behind was very moving and it is exactly what pounamu is about for me.

Roimata Whakamahu

This piece is a pendant that symbolises a journey of growth and healing. It is a beautiful thing to hear that someone is proud to be who they are and that they are caring for themselves as the owner of this will be.

Whai - Stingray

Whai is the Maori word for Stingray. In certain areas of Aoteroa New Zealand the Whai is believed to be Kaitiaki - Protector. They are often seen gliding effortlessly through the water at the beach, yet when they are startled or threatened their response can be quick, powerful, and deadly.

Kete o Taonga

There was so much depth and mana to this piece before I even got involved, it was a real privilege to be the one to influence and carve this design.