Whāriki o te Maunga

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This is a very special set, made during the unexpected and tragic passing of a great man, son, father, and partner. We are forever connected to those close to us that pass, they are always with us. Having pounamu taonga … Continued

Ngā Taonga Tūhono

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In the embrace of the West Coast’s wild beauty, the Arahura River carves its way through the land, nurturing the Kawa Kawa Pounamu with its pure waters. It is here we find Ngā Taonga Tūhono, “Treasures that Connect”, a set … Continued

Te Hononga Manawa

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“Te Hononga Manawa”, our Heart Connection Set, where these Kawakawa Pounamu Toki carved tells a story of unity that binds the hearts of whānau. This unique set, embodying a parent and child’s lifelong bond, is a testament to the enduring … Continued

Awa Atua

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The Toki pendant, named ‘Awa Atua’, draws its inspiration from the divine rivers that carve through Aotearoa, shaping the land with their relentless flow and nurturing spirit. This name, translating to ‘divine river’, beautifully encapsulates the essence of this piece—the … Continued

Rau Aroha

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This Pounamu pendant, named Rau Aroha, offers a glimpse into the heart of New Zealand’s artistic heritage. Carved from pipiwharauroa pounamu, this 6cm free-form piece captures attention with its subtle interplay with light. Rau Aroha translates to ‘leaf of love,’ … Continued

Kahurangi o te Manu

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Welcome to the serene artistry of Pounamu carving, where the celestial allure of Pipiwharauroa Inanga Pounamu takes the form of the ‘Kahurangi o te Manu’, an 8cm Roimata pendant that is as much a piece of jewelry as it is … Continued

65mm Toki

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Discover the timeless allure of the toki, a symbol deeply rooted in Māori heritage. Our latest 65mm Pounamu pendant embodies the strength and artistry of this traditional tool. The toki, or adze, is not just a tool but a representation … Continued

5cm Toki

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In the world of Pounamu carvings, each piece holds a narrative, a breath of the land it came from, and the hands that shaped it. Today, we explore a toki with a discreetly crafted hole for the necklace, a testament … Continued

Tohunga Ruku

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In the realm of Māori cultural symbols, the toki holds a place of reverence, traditionally symbolizing strength, skill, and authority. The ‘Tohunga Ruku Toki’ we unveil today is a remarkable embodiment of these attributes, with an added layer of meaning … Continued

Mana Taonga

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The art of Pounamu carving is a tradition steeped in the cultural heritage of Aotearoa (New Zealand), a practice that transforms raw greenstone into meaningful taonga (treasures). One such creation is the “Mana Taonga,” a toki (adze) that is more … Continued