White Tipped – Toki Kuru Set

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Making a matching set is one of the best projects I like to work on.  There is something real special about receiving a matching set of Taonga that have been carved from the same stone, as you may feel you and your significant other have been.

This pounamu toki and kuru are carved from a bright green stone with some small crystalline inclusions and the outer edge of the stone, the rind, is hard enough to use in carving and had given the white colouring. The stone originally came from the rivers of the West Coast of Tai Poutini, the South Island of New Zealand.

Have a feature that carries through each piece, like the white tip of these, is a great way of linking the two pieces with the eye.


The bindings are like the framing of a painting.  I like to give my pieces an appropriate frame. It adds to the mystery and significance of a piece when it has a good binding.

The Kuru is regarded as a touch stone for use in meditation and to represent a connection with the Whenua – Land. Long slender drop shaped Kuru are symbols of knowledge, confidence and independence. Traditionally they were made from slender off cuts from making tools. Pre-European Maori wore Kuru in several forms as ornamental earrings as a symbol of status and wealth.


The Toki represents courage and strength. Pre-European Maori used the Toki as a tool. It had two uses either carved into a chunky blade and lashed to a wooden handle or held in the hand, it was used to cut down trees and carve out waka among other things. Secondly it was carved into a finer blade and lashed to an ornate wooden handle. These “Toki Poutangata” were wielded by strong chiefs in times of ceremony as a symbol of power, wisdom, and authority. As a pounamu pendant these days the Toki is a symbol of courage and strength.


These pieces have been carved for guests in our country of New Zealand – Aotearoa, a guest speaker at an event travelling with his daughter. Manakitanga – Hospitality is important and I am deeply pleased to be able to contribute a small amount to welcoming these people from California.  I hope your time in our Country was amazing.

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  1. Kia ora. We have a whanau design which we have named Rui. I carve it in a bone necklace & Kauri statue on a stand. I have had whanau show a lot of interest in having it done in Pounamu as a necklace. If I emailed you a drawing of it with sizing required, would you be interested in looking to see if it is something you could do & provide me with a quote please.

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