Toki and Kuru Set, Pounamu

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This set is made from the same stone from the Nelson region.  It is for a beautiful couple as their christmas gifts to each other.

Having two pounamu pendants made from the same stone is very special.

Jade goes through some pretty serious stuff to become what it is today.  It is formed when two tectonic plates collide and the one that slips lower takes the necessary ‘ingredients’ to the depths where the pressure and temperature will form the Jade.

 Wearing taonga that are carved from the same stone is a powerful connection.  It represents the strength of the relationship just as the stone has been strengthened from its own journey.

 These two pieces of stone have been side by side for a very, very long time.  Since their formation into this precious and durable stone they have been together.  It is appropriate for a couple to wear matching pieces like this to feel connection with each other as the wairua (spirit) of these two pendants will always be connected.

This Toki was inspired by the man who wears it now.  He is a man that works with his hands.  One of the things he does is carve wood and has a whole range of chisels to do this.  This design in inspired from the shape of his wood chisels.

 A Toki is a great pendant for someone that works with their hands, it represents craftmanship.

This Kuru is a piece from an earlier post.  I made the toki above as a matching piece for this couple. See that post here.

This is the original slice that these pieces were carved from.

 The kuru was carved from the narrow piece 3 in from the right and the toki from the wide central piece.

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