Kahurangi Toki – Bright Green

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This toki has beautiful translucency. The way the light shines through this when held up to the sun or a light source reveals the inner aspects of the stone.  I love to be able to see into Pounamu.

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Every surface of this toki is curved.  Curves are what makes a pendant feel good in the hands.  It also has a strong and defined ‘cutting edge’ similar to a functional toki.

A toki is a symbol of power, mana, and authority.  It is often given to someone with the intention of bolstering these qualities, as we always can do with extra support.  It is also a symbol of a person that works with their hands, a craftsman or artist.  Many people wear the toki as a sign of their purpose in life or work.

Kahurangi is a variety of pounamu that is bright apple green and has very little inclusions or other colourings in it.

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