Nga Tamariki

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This is a set made for the 5 children. 3 kohine and 2 tama. The three roimata are for the kohine/girls, and the two toki are for the tama/boys, who are actually twins. What I didn’t know when I started … Continued

Taku Whanau

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This set is for a husband and wife. It is to connect them with each other and with their three children. They are carved from the same slice of pounamu. They lay side by side, literally connected, for a very … Continued

Double Koru Porohita

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A koru represent new beginnings, life, and growth. When you put two together it can represent the coming together of two things, often people, or families. It represents the connection we have with other people, and other wairua.

Whanake – Onwards

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This is a stunning piece of pounamu with a heavy kaupapa to go with it. I wouldn’t usually make such a large and heavy toki, but the circumstances were there to justify this one. This is 9cm long and 2.5cm … Continued

Koru Sculpture

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This is a gorgeous deep green pounamu from South Westland, in Te Wai Pounamu, Aotearoa. Made for a family member as a piece that can be placed somewhere special. The Koru is a shape found in much of nature. The … Continued