Toki Raranga Weaving

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This is a combination of a toki form with a pattern to represent the weaving or raranga of harakeke/flax. Raranga can represent many things. It represents a variety of facets being woven together to create something more than the individual … Continued


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This is a large set for an extended whanau, mums, dads, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunties, young and old. The pieces of pounamu we started with made their final forms obvious as roimata and tear drops. I decided to … Continued

Toki Pikorua

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This is what is sounds like, a toki with a pikorua carved into it. The pikorua is on the back. The 5 notches on the sides are to represent whanau members. It is interesting to see some of the process … Continued

Nga Tamariki

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This is a set made for the 5 children. 3 kohine and 2 tama. The three roimata are for the kohine/girls, and the two toki are for the tama/boys, who are actually twins. What I didn’t know when I started … Continued

Whanau Toru

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This is a set for a whanau of three, Mum, Dad, and Son. Each piece came from the same piece of pounamu, they lay side by side connected until the recent carving process. This is how they started out as … Continued